How do our Junior subs get spent ?

On lots of things, including player registration fee, league registration fee, continual training for the coaches and volunteers, purchase of new equipment (footballs, nets, goal posts, bibs, cones etc), insurance costs, hire of pitches and much, much, more.

The Junior Club (mini-kickers to U16s) costs around £62K per annum to run.  This breakdown from 2019 illustrates costs for an individual player:

Expense £
Pitch hire 124.04
League & Cup Affiliations 9.83
Insurance / Licenses 2.55
Health & Safety Compliance 5.40
Coaching / Training courses 9.75
Referees 10.97
Tournament Entry Fees 6.50
Presentations / Trophies 11.58
Kit / Equipment 9.75
Administration charges 9.93
First aid / Welfare 6.70
Repairs / maintenance 2.21
Waste disposal / cleaning 4.11
Other 0.72
Total Cost per player 214.05

Pitch Hire fees are lower than charged to other clubs keen to use our facilities.

Are the managers and coaching paid ?

No. From the management committee through managers and coaches to parents assisting putting out cones – our junior section is run by volunteers  who give up significant spare time to ensure our children have an opportunity to enjoy their football in an environment where we prioritise qualified coaching and safeguarding as well as the values of The FA’s Respect campaign.

Does the youth section subsidise senior football ?

No. This is sometimes asked. Senior football is kept separate financially. There are non-financial advantages for our youth section having some access to first team management for assistance with coaching. However, from mini-kickers to senior men’s and women’s teams, we are all one club.

How much are the Junior Subs ?

It varies. A lot of thought goes into Annual Subs. All age groups train on our main 3G pitch at Shooting Field. Older age groups play matches on the pitch. Note that we are trying to actively grow the younger age groups and girls participation by offering reduced fees.   We also offer scheduled fees taken over 10 months – also shown below. These are the fees for the 2021-22 season.

Boys/Mixed £ £ £
Annual Monthly (x10) Pay as you Play
MiniKickers 5.00*
U6s 120.00 12.00
U7s 120.00 12.00
U8s to U12s 222.00 22.20
U13s to U18s 240.00 24.00
Girls £ £ £
Annual Monthly (x10) Pay as you Play
MiniKickers 5.00*
U6s 120.00 12.00
U7s to U8s 120.00 12.00
U9s to U13s 150.00 15.00
U14s to U16s 150.00 15.00

* MiniKickers first session free as taster session

We aim to make the subs cover the cost of running the junior section.  Again, remember it is all run by volunteers.

Why are girls fees less than boys fees ?

We believe a thriving girl section is part of being a community club. To grow the girls section we have taken the decision to encourage participation by offering reduced fees. There is also an argument that the reduced fees reflects there being fewer games in the girls leagues. This will change as girls football becomes more established. Note that where a girl plays in a mixed team they will pay the same fees as the other players. At present we think the fees should be the same in three seasons  and we will be aiming for that. As with all fees – girls fees are reviewed annually.

How does this compare with other sports and activities ?

We don’t know the details of other sports and clubs – but some interesting calculations:

  • Most teams play around 60 times per year (circa 100 hrs)
  • Training only teams play around 35 times per year (circa 50 hours)
  • Each session costs around £4 per session (whether match or training)
  • In terms of the cost per hour it is less than £2.50 for all teams

And this is at an FA Charter Standard Community Club – where we have demonstrated we have a positive football environment where young people can develop their skills, keep fit and enjoy playing as part of a friendly, inclusive community.