What is new for 2021/22 Registrations ?

Fees for 2021/22 were agreed at the 2021 AGM. These are largely unchanged:

Boys/Mixed £ £ £
  Annual Monthly (x10) Pay as you Play
MiniKickers     5.00*
U6s 120.00 12.00  
U7s 120.00 12.00  
U8s to U12s 222.00 22.20  
U13s to U18s 240.00 24.00  
Girls £ £ £
  Annual Monthly (x10) Pay as you Play
MiniKickers     5.00*
U6s 120.00 12.00  
U7s to U8s 120.00 12.00  
U9s to U13s 150.00 15.00  
U14s to U16s 150.00 15.00  

* MiniKickers first session free as taster session

There is FAQ  section on Youth Fees and another on Youth Football that may answer some of the questions arising.

Thank-you again for keeping standing orders going over the past 18 months. We cannot overstate how important this has been for the Club.

One internal change is that we are moving to the updated FA systems for our administration. We have always used the FA Whole Game System for registering players with the FA and the League – and the FA have now added additional features. We will also be using the FA MatchDay app – you can choose to install this app to look at results, fixtures, etc and communication with your manager and coaches.

One important change is the FA now require we have a Parent/Carer email for each young player. The FA do this via Fan Nos.  For this you need to know your Fan No as Parent/Carer. You can then make the link to the player. Click here for more information about Fan Nos. Use the Retrieve option first to see if you already have a Fan No for your email address.

We do have a new procedure for registration – it is more on-line than in previous years and you will be able to uplift photos and Proof of ID (if required). We have retained the ability for scheduled payments. We will send emails to guide you through the procedure.

Finally we also have a new Registration Secretary – Laurence Bennett has kindly stepped forward to assist. Laurence works in the Boarding House at the school.

Below are answers to common questions:

Why are we changing Administration Systems ?

We already use the FA Whole Game System to links our players to teams and register with the various leagues. Up to now we needed additional software to help with club administration – including payment of fees and permissions.

The FA have invested in the software they make available to clubs, players, and parent/carers and we feel confident that they now offer enough of the features we need to make the move. These are not perfect, and in some cases are still being developed but being completely under the umbrella of the FA makes sense moving forward.

Why do I need a Parent/Carer Fan No ?

Every player at every age group already has a Fan No. We already know these for our current players. The FA now require we hold a link for each player to a Parent/Carer Fan No. We send you an email with a link and you can retrieve your own Fan No added when you created the Fan No for your player. You can also create a new Fan No and there are instructions on what to do if you have duplicate Fan Nos for the email.

Click here for a link to the FA explaining all about Fan Nos.

How can I pay Club fees ?

You can pay cash – have a word with your team manager in the first instance. When you enter Player details you can select on-line payment. We will then send you an email with a link to the payment software (Go Cardless). You provide your bank details and that will set up the Direct Debit for:

  • One-off payment
  • Payment schedule

Can I still make scheduled payments ?

Yes. When you enter your player details you can select to make scheduled payments and we will send you an email with a link to the payment software (Go Cardless). You can then select the schedule option. This will be nine monthly instalments.

What is Google Docs ?

This is what you will use to enter player details, upload images, and give player permissions. We will send you an email with a link where you can enter the details for each player you are registering.

What is the MatchDay App ?

Some managers are using this App already. As a Parent/Carer (or player) this allows you to look at team information – for example, fixtures, results, and tables, as well as player appearances goals etc.

The MatchDay App is not compulsory for parents but it provides useful information. Your team manager may ask you to install it.