New Player ? – for Parents/Carers

To register a young player with the club we need information required by us as a club, required by the FA, and required by the affiliated league. For your young player we will send you emails that guide you through the process that will get your young player to get out on the pitch!

Welcome to you and your young player. We will do our best to ensure your player has a good, positive experience.

To Do:

1) Follow the Join Us link to make initial contact.

2) If there is space in the squad we will need you to either:

a) provide to your manager Player Name, Player Fan No, Player DoB, Your Contact (Parent/Carer) Email

b) respond to the invitation we send via email that confirms your link to the player.

This is a requirement from the FA. They require a Parent/Carer email for each young player – and they confirm this email by you as a Parent/Carer entering your own Fan No. This is not the Fan No for your your player – but your personal Fan No. Most will have created the Fan No before creating the young player Fan No. Now the FA require you to know it. Click here for a link to the FA explaining all about Fan Nos.

  • Include Link to Google Docs to allow you to provide further info needed by the Club. This includes:

Player info, Player image, Proof of ID (image of Passport/Birth Certificate/Medical Cert), Parent/Carer permissions, preferred Payment Option

  • Link to your preferred payment option.

Fee Payment

1) Cash/Cheque

2) Direct Debit (Go Cardless) for:

  • Scheduled Direct Debit (10 monthly payments starting September 2021 to June 2022)
  • One-Off Direct Debit

If you have selected to pay by Direct Debit we will email a link to allow you to set up the DD. Payments will appear on your bank statements as GO CARDLESS.

New Player ? – for Managers

1) Direct to Join Us tab on website where parent/carer can enter player information. You will be contacted when this is complete and the Parent/Carer can follow the procedure set out on the Parent/Carer tab.

2) If you already have the player information – email Player Name, Team, DoB and Player Fan No to the Registration secretary.

Club Fees

Fees for 2021/22 were agreed at the 2021 AGM. These are largely unchanged:

Boys/Mixed £ £ £
Annual Monthly (x10) Pay as you Play
MiniKickers 5.00*
U6s 120.00 12.00
U7s 120.00 12.00
U8s to U12s 222.00 22.20
U13s to U18s 240.00 24.00
Girls £ £ £
Annual Monthly (x10) Pay as you Play
MiniKickers 5.00*
U6s 120.00 12.00
U7s to U8s 120.00 12.00
U9s to U13s 150.00 15.00
U14s to U16s 150.00 15.00

* MiniKickers first session free as taster session

There is FAQ  section on Youth Fees and another on Youth Football that may answer some of the questions arising.