Mobile Phone Mast Planning Application

By February 16, 2018Uncategorized

You may be aware that a planning application has been submitted for a 3G and 4G mobile phone mast to be located on a shrouded flood light within the boundary of Shooting Field Football Ground.

If successful, money generated by this application would go primarily to replace the existing floodlights, providing a better quality of directional floodlighting and significantly reducing light pollution outside of the ground to virtually zero. This is part of our Community commitment and to help our immediate neighbours.

Without the income generated from this, the floodlights cannot be replaced in the short term.

The mobile phone mast will also greatly improve 3 and 4G mobile phone signals which is driven by local mobile phone users of all ages.

Details of the planning application can be found here:

We understand that a leaflet has been handed out at schools and in the town centre by those opposed to the mobile mast. The leaflet has links to various opinions, but these websites mostly cover the harm mobile phones may cause. This is an important but separate issue.

For a balanced view on mobile phone masts we would suggest these web links for an alternative opinion on their impact.