Steyning Town Community FC – Under 8’s




We are giving young players their first formal experience of ‘the beautiful game’ and it must be fun for all involved and a chance to form new friendships.



Understanding what a team is and how to participate in a team is a valuable life lesson and our players will learn how to work together to achieve a common goal.



Our players will have a mixed experience of football and playing abilities but every player will grow more confident in their own way and develop their skills.

Under 8’s Manager:

Paul Churchill – Reds & Clifford Turner – Whites



Paul & Clifford’s background:

Paul and Clifford both have children playing in the squad. They have helped nature this group for a couple of years and now look forward to their first season in the Horsham & District Youth Football League.

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Under 8’s coaches:

Whites – Clifford Turner & Phil Ellis

Reds Paul Churchill & David Fewtrell

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