Confirm – Existing Player

1) Confirm Player status via MatchDay App

  • If present – then already set up on WGS

2) Check Player has Parent Green Tick (see below). Otherwise:

  • enter parent Contact email (ideally this is the same one used to create the FA Fan Nos). This will make the Email Tick green,
  • send Invite email

3) New Players – see below.

4) Inform Registrations Secretary of any switches between teams in the same age-group or players who will not be returning.

5) If parents report problems with the Invite email then:

a) refer them to the FA Fan help page

if not successful then:

b) email Registration Secretary with Player Name and for the Parent – Parent Name and Parent DoB.

MatchDay Status Settings are:

  • Email

+ = Parent Email to be added. You can ask the parent/carer for their email and enter it into the MatchDay app.

Green Tick = Parent Email present

  • Parent

Grey Tick = Parent Email Required

Amber Tick = Parent Email Present. You can send the Invite from the MatchDay app.

Green Tick = Parent has completed the Link to the Player. This is required for registration. You may need to assist the parent resolve any Fan No issue.

  • MatchDay (not compulsory for parent/carer)

Grey Tick = Parent Email Required

Amber Tick = Parent has not installed MatchDay App

Green Tick = Parent has MatchDay App

You need to ensure the parent has completed the Google Docs update that allows photos/proof of ID/permissions to be uplifted and entered and ensure the player is fully registered with the club to allow us to set up fee payments.

Enquiry – New Player

1) Direct to Join Us tab on website where parent/carer can enter player information. You will be contacted when this is complete and the Parent/Carer can follow the procedure set out on the Parent/Carer tab.

2) If you already have the player information – email Player Name, Team, DoB and Player Fan No to the Registration secretary.

Here are some common questions

Why are we not using MatchDay for everything – including payments ?

The FA apps are still under development and they are addressing various issues, including duplicate Fan Nos. This will work fine for most parents, however we can’t have a significant number of parents prevented from registering players due to software issues or limited payment options. All issues may be fixed for next year when we will have another look.

Do my parent/carers have to have MatchDay ?

That depends on you. From a club perspective – No. But you may want to use features that makes it easier if all your parent/carers use it. Parents benefit as they can see fixtures.

Why do my parent/carers have to re-enter information on Google Docs ?

As we have a new system we need to make sure we hold all the latest player information so we are re-capturing all the information. We need new permissions anyway and would likely need new images as well – so there is not too much additional info.

Why do my parent/carers needs a Fan No ?

Required by the FA. This is the area where we anticipate most issues as the FA allow more than one Fan No against the same email. Parent/Carers may have Fan Nos having applied for England tickets, or when setting up their young players. There are instructions for parents here – but these may have to be sorted out on a case by case basis.

What do I have to provide the Regn Secretary ?

Your squad list for next season. You should see current players already in the MatchDay app. Most of the rest of the information is entered by the parent/carer. New players – as above – you need to direct to the Join Us page.

The Regn Secretary will provide you with a completed squad list – although you should be able to see this in the MatchDay app.

Who requests missing info from the parent/carer ?

The Regn Secretary will contact you to remind the parent/carer if anything is missing.

How do I see my current squad at any stage ?

Use the MatchDay app.